Title: FLEX
Vocal & Lyrics : BADBITCHBKK, Khun OC
Prod. : Meena 13
Mix & master : Meena 13
Shot by : Tawan

5 cars garage ยังไม่พอ
เปิดมาคำเดียว kill you bitch like the jaw
เงินกูเข้าบัญชี smoke the weed fuck the law (woo woo woo)
รถกูมีแต่ german รถมึงมีแต่ควัน
เป๋าตังมีเป็นพัน พวกกู make money ทุกวัน (money)
แฟนมึงอยากจะฟัน ทัก DM กูมาทุกวัน
ทักกูมายันเช้าวันจันทร์ said he wanna taste the bun (brr brr brr)
Got a whole lotta money like I’m fucking Bezos
Got these hoes talking bout me like I’m fucking LeBron
They be riding when they see me but they hate on the low
If you playin with my money we gon kick on yo door

I said the bills on me everything (hotdamn)
They don’t show up when i step in the ring
When i blow up put these bitches inna in bin
Aint been out here inna min, but i feel like imma win (on god)

When I’m outside, them bitches stand up
They keep asking questions, but i see no hands up (god damn)
Catch me in loui tryna spend this bands up
I’ll be out here with yo mans he gone give me back rub (babyyyy)

I don’t swallow my pride, i just swallow the nut
You said you a real one ninja I’ll be the judge
You a soft lil bitch eat it up like a fudge
If we beefin you gone beat it cuz I’m holding the grudges (grrr)
[Khun OC]
I need a whole lotta ass, cash
Drip on my body I splash
Catch you anywhere broad day Ima crash
Drop yo body to the floor then I’m looting all the stash
Back in the whip n I’m out in a flash

Got a thick redbone, she gon do what I say wen I say it
Slide in that pussy all night ima sleigh it
Leave goop on her face, on her knees, she praying
Ima go to hell, lil nigga I aint playing

Satan always tryna talk in my dreams
i be damned if I ever sell my soul for some streams
I don’t believe in shit, just me & my family
Pussy niggas crying for attention, they in agony

Crash in the club n I’m cracking yo shit
Delivery man, cus I’m packing yo shit
Bottle to the head, why you lacking n shit
Got blood everywhere, I aint brackin n shit


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